Breathe to Relax updated with Self-Association Task

In my prior post Extending Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine with an Implicit Self-Association Task I referenced a study that observed a prolonging of ketamine’s antidepressant effects following an “automated self-association training” task. I developed a similar verbal self-association task and published it at

This verbal self-association task, although functional, has some clear limitations, including a “boring” and bland user interface and a mundane, repetitive task. I sought a way to implement the verbal self-association task in a more engaging and practical manner.

As a result, I have updated my app Breathe to Relax: Guided Breathing App to include verbal self-association during guided breathing exercises. The previous version would also display positive words, such as “Smile” and “Happy”. But when you listen to auditory affirmations, you don’t simply hear positive words, but also “I am” or “you are“. This way, you learn to associate the positive word with your self overtime. Now, Breathe to Relax will display “I” before the onset of each positive word. And it displays “I” for as little as 15ms (implicit/unconscious) up to 750ms (explicit/conscious).

Breathe to Relax combines the verbal self-association task with engaging guided breathing exercises accompanied by detailed animated backgrounds, relaxing background audio, numerous breathing methods, vocal affirmations, and full user customization. It is entirely free to download, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.

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